Andy TurnerShop Manager

    I became a regular visitor to Pete’s Otto to buy parts and seek advice for my ’73 Porsche 914. Pete offered me a part time job in 1994 which I accepted and kept for nearly 2 years. I then ventured into dealership service, working at several new car dealerships including Savannah Dodge, Liberty Chrysler, and later Carl Gregory Dodge where I was parts and service manager. In 2006, I came back to Valdosta and worked for Hyundai of Valdosta for 3 years. Following that, I made the decision to come back to Pete’s – where it’s like working for family. It never gets old waiting to see what drives up next. Will it be a 911, a old bug-eyed Sprite, or maybe a Rolls Royce? You never know at Pete’s Otto!

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    Lowndes High School

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